Who are we ?

Parismus is a student association who welcomes international students coming to Paris. If you are a foreign student, or also if youneed information about going abroad Parismus is made for you !

Who are we?


Parismus is an association undert the law of 1901 whose goal is to help foreign students, espacially those studying at Sorbonne Univerité (SU), to ettle in their new university and city.

Our association is independant and politicaly neutral since its creation.


Parismus is a BDE (for "Bureau des élèves" or students' bureau) created in 2007 with an international purpose since SU counts more than 53 000 students from which 10 000 are foreign students. Numerous programs (Erasmus+, Conventions...) enables students frome around the world to come study at the Sorbonne. Parismus is there to make their stay unforgettable !


Therefore we have multiple missions so that your stay in Paris is engraved in your memory as an extraordinay experience ! 


- We welcome international students in all Sorbonne University faculties (Lettres, Sciences, Medicin...) and we help them in their installation in Paris. Our tips and goodies make our reputation. Thanks to Parismus you can know more about the administratives steps, find a housing, and more !

 - We help foreign students integrate in the university's life with our free events or cheap visits. Our famous "Aperismus" (parisian afterworks) are a regular rendezvous of students ! We offer many visits in must-seen places ine Paris where we introduce you to the french culture in all its aspects ! And more, we organize meetings between international students around a dinner or a travel, to discover other european countries and cultures. 

I f your are homesick don't hesitate to contact us, we are sure to make you love Paris !


- Finally, we promote meetings between students from all origins to inspire french students to go aborad for their studies. the entirety of our events, like our website, are not only eamarked for international students but are also open to all interested students !


To complete our projects we are a team of around 30 students from SU.

We have a budegt, thanks mostly to the FSDIE, to organize more than 50 events each year !


       You get it ! Parismus is the international BDE from Sorbonne university, so don't miss our events and give us your feedbacks !