Find a buddy with Parismus !

Parismus is launching an international partnership ! You are an international student, you are going to study at Sorbonne Université (SU) and you want to be ready for back to school ?

Or you are already a student at SU and you are interested by international topics?

Join us to find or become a buddy !

What is that ?

A buddy is a student from Sorbonne University who is here to help you and make you discover the campuses of SU. You can start discussing with your buddy before coming to Paris to begin your stay with the best preparation. Indeed, your buddy (along with the Parismus team) will be able to help you with administrative steps like creating a bank account, the visit of the campuses or how the CROUS (the organization in charge of university housing, meals…) works.

How it works ?

You only need to create an account on our website and complete your profile. Our team will then match you with the person who has the most in common with you or who follows the same studies. 


How to register ?

To sign in you will need to give a school attendance certificate of Sorbonne University from the ongoing year. 

Be careful, all profiles will be deleted at the end of the year so don’t forget to save your buddy’s information, and who knows, you might someday go to its country and be helped the same way !